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Impermeable Silt Curtain for Contaminated Sediment

Chatoyer Silt Curtain in Kendall Bay

An impermeable silt curtain required for a large dredging project. Ventia dredged an area to address significant contamination in Kendall Bay, Sydney. An earlier process of gas production had left the site with a legacy of contamination. To remediate the site, contaminated sediments were excavated and transported onshore for treatment.

Project Overview

Date: November 2019

Location: Kendall Bay, NSW, Australia

Dredging operations would disturb the contaminated sediment. Therefore strict environmental controls were put in place. Controls included requirement for a tapered, impermeable silt curtain around both the Northern Remediation Area and Southern Remediation Area.

Features Summary

Boom Length:700m
Boom Depth:Tapered and varying depth (2m to 7m)
Boom & Skirt Material:900gsm PVC
Float:200mm x 200mm foam
Ballast:13mm galvanised chain

The tapered impermeable silt curtain was lined with oil absorbent booms to absorb any hydrocarbons released during the dredging process.


This high profile project took 5 years of planning. Another silt curtain fabricator and installer was selected for this project. Four weeks before the scheduled start date that selected silt curtain fabricator was non contactable. Ventia needed to find a suitable, qualified replacement. Chatoyer was awarded the contract to design and fabricate the custom impermeable silt curtain.

Within a 2 week time frame, Chatoyer sourced the required components and fabricated the technically difficult curtain. The manufacture was completed before the required date.

The installation was successful.

During the project there were no breaches of the silt curtain environmental control.

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