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environmental compliance for marine construction and services

Chatoyer fabricates a range of products required to satisfy environmental compliance for marine construction and services. Products are useful in waterways and for use on land when completing works near waterways. As well as containing silt and other contaminants, operators generally require product for spill response and Chatoyer carries a range of spill containment and spill clean up options useful during marine construction.

To assist your environmental efforts, we have compiled a list of potential risks and corresponding product solutions.


Do you conduct earth moving or excavation operations?

Chatoyer Solution

During construction operations such as earth moving and excavation, there is a potential risk for silt and sediment to leave the site and migrate to environmentally sensitive areas or run off into the stormwater drain. If excavating in or along side a waterway, turbidity in the waterway will need to be addressed. Here are some construction site sediment control products to assist with environmental compliance during your project.

Do you conduct dredging operations in aquatic systems?

Do you store hazardous substances such as fuel?

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