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Barangaroo Silt Curtain for Sediment and Debris

To contain debris and sediments from entering Sydney Harbour as a result of the redevelopment of Barangaroo into a world class waterfront precinct. Sitting right in the foreground of Sydney Harbour, this project has an extremely high profile within the city of Sydney with environmental controls being paramount to successful progress of the site.

Chatoyer worked firstly with Baulderstone (now LendLease Engineering) on the North Headland Project and later LendLease on the Barangaroo South Project over an 18 month period.

Project Overview

Date: November 2012 to February 2014

Location: Barangaroo, Sydney Harbour, NSW, Australia

Features Summary

Boom Length: 700m
Skirt Depth: 6.0m
Boom Material:
Coolguard 1,000gsm High Performance Reinforced Geomembrane 300mm high
Skirt Depth: 6.0m
Foam Filled External Floats
Skirt material: Woven Geotextile with antifoul properties
13mm galvanised chain
Skirt Depth: 6.0m
Dee ring and quick links configuration combined with marine lacing for strength

Project Summary

  • Durability and 3 year project longevity was the client’s primary issue
  • Vessel traffic in Sydney Harbour and Darling Harbour ensured a specific heavy duty design was required utilising geomembrane, external floats and stainless steel hardware
  • Curtain was custom manufactured in three stages and all curtain delivered on time and within the project manager’s project timelines.

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