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Rubber filled Silt Socks

Chatoyer Rubber filled Silt Sock set in front of a curb side storm drain during construction works

Chatoyer’s unique Rubber Filled Silt Socks are environmentally compliant, tough, longer lasting alternative to traditional silt socks. It is also a perfect coir log replacement.

Constructed with a durable, heavy-duty, UV-resistant HDPE shade cloth containing recycled rubber crumb, the Rubber-Filled Silt Sock is more durable. It flexes and is not destroyed when driven over. This silt sock will have a longer life and is more likely to be reused. 


  • Handles every 1m 
  • Easy to move and reposition
  • Hi-vis yellow material
  • Long lasting
  • Flexible
  • Pre-filled material
  • Allows filtration
  • Recyclable materials

Rubber Silt Sock – 1mL


Product Information
• 1mL x 90mm Diam.
• 4kg

Rubber Silt Sock – 2mL


Product Information
• 2mL x 90mm Diam.
• 8kg

Rubber Silt Sock – 3mL


Product Information
• 3mL x 90mm Diam.
• 12kg

Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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