Carry Bags

heavy duty PVC storage bag for collapsible bund

Custom fabricated industrial Carry Bags make it easier to move and store bulky items. Design features include waterproof, breathable, hangable, zip, velcro or snap closures and suitable for hand lift, fork lift or crane lift.

Choose from existing designs of Carry Bags and Storage Bags:

  • Portable Bund Carry Bag
  • Spill Kit Carry Bag
  • Drain Cover Storage Bag
  • Containment Boom Carry Bag

Do you have a custom bag requirement? Our team can work with you to design a bag, or we can use your drawings and specifications. Chatoyer have access to a wide range of materials to fabricate industrial bags. Bespoke and volume fabrication options.

To design your own Carry Bags, consider the following details:

  • What will be stored in the bag?
  • Does it need any pockets?
  • Will it be hung up?
  • Does the bag need to be puncture resistant?
  • What weight of product will be inside the bag?
  • Does the bag need to fit a space and therefore has a maximum size?
  • Does the bag need to be waterproof?
  • Does the bag need to breathe?
  • Will the bag need to be closed? If yes, what type of closure is needed? On one or more sides?
  • Does the bag need to be lifted by a person, forklift or other?
  • How long does the bag need to last?
  • Does the bag need a gusset?
  • Will the shape be tapered?
  • Will the bag be stored indoors or out?
  • Will the bag be in contact with chemicals or salt water?
  • Will the bag be left in the sun or be exposed to high temperatures?
Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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