spill kit covers

Weather Proof and Heavy Duty Spill Kit Cover

Chatoyer Spill Kit Covers are a reliable solution to protect spill kit containers from rainwater infiltration when stored outdoors. These covers not only safeguard the contents from water damage but also prevent the misuse of wheelie bins converted into spill kits by deterring their use for regular waste disposal. Customers can select from various materials and colours that best suit their requirements, with customisable options available. These options consider price, UV resistance, weather exposure, and expected lifespan, ensuring a tailored solution for every need.

The primary function of Spill Kit Covers is to prevent rainwater from seeping into spill kit containers. By effectively shielding the containers, the covers maintain the integrity of the absorbents and other spill-response materials. This ensures the spill kit remains fully functional and ready for immediate deployment in emergencies or accidental spills.

When wheelie bins are converted into spill kits, adding a cover serves a dual purpose. Alongside protecting against rainwater ingress, it also acts as a deterrent, preventing the use of the bin for regular rubbish disposal. This ensures that the converted wheelie bin remains dedicated solely to spill response purposes, avoiding any confusion or contamination arising from its dual usage.




  • Variety of PVC colours and weights to choose from
  • Custom sized to fit bin
  • Choose from elastic, velcro or sleeve style fit
  • Custom printing or labels available


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