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Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kits

The absorbents in Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kits absorb a wide variety of plant and seed oils, hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents.

Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kits include hydrophobic sorbents which repel water and float, therefore enabling the absorption of oil and fuel-based products around water, without absorbing the water itself. Ideal for outdoor use and where oil & fuels are the main and likely contaminant such as hydraulic hoses, fuel stores and marinas.
Oil & Fuel Marine Spill Kits contain special large floating absorbent booms contained in a mesh sleeve with snap hooks and nylon rope so booms can be joined and easily retrieved.

Spill kit instructions are on the outside of the spill kit container for easy reference during a spill clean-up.


Workplace Spill Kit Bins are designed to act as a portable spill control station. Ideal for areas where liquids are stored or used such as workshops, warehouses, refueling and decanting areas. The wheelie bin is easy to walk to the spill location.

How many spill kits do I need?

The quantity is based on the risks specific to each site. Consider what the likely spill volume would be and ensure spill kit absorbency can clean up that spill volume. Identify the vulnerable and high-risk areas and locate a suitable spill kit(s) no more than 30m away from the possible threat. The risks can be both outside (transport areas and storage zones) and inside (manufacturing facilities, forklift stores) a workplace.

SpilMax 240L Marine Spill Kit Bins with contents showing

SpilMax 240L oil & fuel Marine spill kit bin

  • 1 x 240L Wheelie Bin (Yellow)
  • 4 x SpilMax® Absorbent Large Boom with clip – Oil & Fuel (3mL x 125mmDia)
  • 25 x SpilMax® Absorbent Pad 400gsm – Oil & Fuel (480mm x 430mm)
  • 15 x SpilMax® Absorbent Wipe 200gsm – Universal (480mm x 430mm)
  • 2 x Nitrile Gloves (Pair)
  • 4 x Contaminated Waste Disposal Bag & Tie
  • Absorbs up to 115L
Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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