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Spill Containment Products a Must for
Industrial and Manufacturing

When it comes to environmental compliance, spill containment products for spill management and spill control are important to all industrial and manufacturing businesses.

Risks that require spill containment products

Stored Liquids

Depending on your specialty the liquids stored could include:

  • Waste water
  • Cleaning agents
  • Foods and syrups
  • Plant and seed oils
  • Hydrocarbons
  • A variety of hazardous chemicals

Manufacturing and industrial facilities and workplaces must properly bund liquids using spill containment products and keep spill control product on hand if an accident occurs.

Machinery and Equipment Leaks

Another potential risk is from equipment itself including spills from trucks or other hydraulic equipment and leaks from machinery. No matter what the potential spill risk, in all cases spill containment products are required to stop the spills before they reach the stormwater system or other environmentally sensitive areas causing pollution.

Accidental spills

If any liquid including clean water is used or stored on your site you should have spill control products on site to clean up a spill. A spill on an indoor floor space, even if it’s just water, can be dangerous and cause slip hazards.

What you can do

‘We recommend a range of spill response, stormwater protection, floor bunding and temporary bunding as the best spill containment products to ensure your organisation protects its environment and avoids costly fines.

To assist your environmental compliance efforts, we have compiled a list of options to stop penalties arising from spills typically experienced within your industry.mining


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