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Spill Absorbents

The SpilMax range of polypropylene spill absorbents are suitable for the clean-up and containment of all types of liquids.

  • Pads – Use to rapidly absorb larger spills
  • Pillows – Place under slow leaks and drips for workplace safety
  • Booms – Prevent your spill spreading
  • Wipes – For small spills and wiping down equipment

Our selection of spill absorbents can be used for either Oil & Fuel (Hydrocarbon) used to absorb oil and fuel based products and does not absorb water, or UniChem (Universal and Hazchem) used for oils, fuels, water, coolant, general workplace chemicals, common agricultural chemicals, solvents and hazardous chemical spills such as strong oxidises, acids and caustics.


Download the Spill Sorbent Testing results – ASTM F726-06 (Oil Adsorption-Short Test)

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