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Specialised Textile Fabrication Australia

At Chatoyer, we are committed to expanding and adapting our fabrication capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our ever-growing client base who require specialised textile fabrication in Australia. That means investing significant resources into making products, trialing, and testing them. Our team have an ongoing commitment to investigation – to find new products we can make utilising our existing facility, equipment, and expertise to service other markets.

We offer B2B specialised textile fabrication in Australia in partnership with customers who have existing products but need to outsource fabrication. Our ultimate goal is to develop ongoing supply partnerships in support of existing businesses who require our products and/or services.

Our signature products are used in a number of applications in defence, civil, construction, mining, oil and gas, transport, ports, marine, exploration, industrial and agriculture.

As a leading provider of custom design and fabrication, we constantly explore new technologies and materials to meet the needs of our clients.

We are dedicated to providing:


We meet the specifications set by the buyer to the highest standards, providing quality assurance and warranties on our products. Our materials and workmanship are of the highest calibre, and we stand by the products we produce.


We are creative and flexible in our approach to meeting the needs of our clients, providing innovative products from the designs, manufacturing processes and materials we use.


Our team have decades of combined experience in their field. We have highly skilled people with specialised industry knowledge that we utilise to craft durable and cost-effective products.


We have communication protocols that ensure our clients are informed and updated. We offer realistic quotes and lead times based on our years of industry experience.


Our team work with customers to achieve the prices they require while providing options to ensure they get the highest quality product at an affordable price.


When required, we look after freight handling and packaging for our products, ensuring their safe and timely arrival.


  • Multiple large fabrication workstations
  • High frequency (HF) vinyl welders
  • Hot air welders
  • Thermal welders
  • Wedge welders
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Overlockers
  • Assorted hand tools and air tooling
  • Screen printing
  • Heat press
Chatoyer specialised textile fabrication rolls of materials in factory


  • Geotextiles
  • Geomembranes including PVC, PE, PU
  • Foam
  • Rubber
  • High strength webbing
  • HDPE materials
  • Metal
Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

We want to build partnerships to support specialised textile product sales in Australia and abroad. Thinking about reselling our exceptional products? Considering outsourcing your fabrication? Talk to us today and we can discuss options and share more about our capabilities.

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