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Floor Bunding

Floor bunding for spill control and containment is an ideal solution to create secure bunded areas for workshops, wash bays, liquid storage areas, in warehouses or around fuelling and parking areas. Bunding can be used to contain spills or trap liquids so they can not pollute the surrounding land or waterways.

Chatoyer’s floor bunding range offers a variety of different composites, heights and functions. Here are some aspects to consider when selecting your floor bunding type.

Height of the Floor Bunding

The height of the bund is an important consideration. By knowing what will be passing over the bund it’s easier to choose the right option. Forklifts often have a low clearance. For some, potential trip hazards from walking traffic will be more important. And for others, the volume that is required to be contained in the case of a spill according to AS1940-2004 (a smaller floor space may require a higher bund height) will be paramount.


The type and frequency of wheel or foot traffic passing over the bund will determine how robust the bunds needs to be. Each type of floor bunding has it’s different benefits. Load capacity and longevity are important factors in making a choice.

Liquids Contained

What is potentially being contained will affect the choice of composite. Is it flammable (therefore the bund could combust), highly hazardous or mild? Chatoyer technical advice is available if you have questions about your use of any of these products. Chemical compatibility is a common question and we have experience and resources to reference so we can help you determine if a particular choice is appropriate,

Ease of Floor Bunding Installation

All of our options are pretty straightforward to install. Often the type of bunding chosen is correlated to the longevity required or the traffic that will traverse the bund.

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