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Environmental compliance, spill response and liquid containment for Defence

Chatoyer has years of experience fabricating specialty products to assist with environmental compliance and pollution prevention, spill response and liquid containment for Defence. The Defence industry benefits from products including:

  • Environmental compliance during works such as construction, demolition, earthworks, route creation and maintenance, airfield and port construction and repair.
  • Containment devices for water or other liquids required during humanitarian assistance and clean up operations.
  • Wastewater capture during wash down and decontamination.
  • Hose laydown and leak capture when handling hazardous chemicals.
  • Spill response and spill control on board vessels and equipment.

Below is a list of helpful standard spill control and custom manufactured containment products related to various scenarios familiar to the Defence industry.


Do you store liquids in containers, operate portable generators or use hydraulic equipment?

Do you engage in port construction and repair?

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