ground mats

Chatoyer Ground Mats black geo red PVC

Ground Mats are an economical way to protect any soft textile products that will be set down on a ground surface. A ground mat under a soft material will protect against punctures and abrasion. The geotextile material allows water to flow through and will not pool water.

Ground mats can be cleaned and reused. They are easy to fold up and store for future use. 


  • Collapsible bunding and spill mats
  • Collapsible tanks
  • Flexible tanks
  • Tents
  • Air mattresses


  • 260gsm non woven polypropylene geotextile
  • UV resistant
  • Reinforced edges (PVC or geomembrane)
  • Other materials available
  • Custom sized
Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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