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Specialised Textile Product Sales Australia

We are looking for resellers in Australia and overseas. If you see products in our range that fit with your business, we’d like to hear from you.

Our team is ready to assist you to get up and running to sell our product. As a valued partner, Chatoyer will provide your sales team with product training and marketing support. Resellers are encouraged to engage with us so we can match available resources to targeted audiences and sales strategies.

At Chatoyer, we don’t compete with our resellers by selling directly to the end user – we support our resellers. Our success is achieved by offering quality, high-value products at prices that allow them to be sold competitively in the marketplace.

Our resellers can be confident that Chatoyer is committed to:

Australian Made

When you choose Chatoyer, you are supporting the Australian economy.

Customer satisfaction

Both our resellers and the end user need to be completely satisfied for our products to be a success – and we are proud of our reputation for achieving excellent outcomes for all involved.

Branding options

We can organise branding and batch-labelling where desired, personalising the product to promote your business.

Proven Performance

We make products that work. Chatoyer backs these products and supports you every step of the way.

Reseller assistance

We provide support, training, and promotional assistance to ensure our resellers are knowledgeable and equipped to attract clients and guide them through the decision-making process.

New opportunities

We help form strategic alliances and actively assist our resellers to find new opportunities. We pass on leads to our resellers when end users come to us direct for pricing.

Reliable Supply

We ensure adequate supply of stocked items and raw material from our suppliers. We alter shifts and manufacturing schedules to meet demand.

Shipping solutions

We offer drop shipping for our products, so there’s no need to carry excess physical stock.

Industry knowledge

Our sales and management teams foster networks that keep us in-the-loop. We strive to maintain market intelligence so we can be competitive and offer fit for purpose products.

Excellent value

We keep our prices competitive. We work with our resellers to achieve the prices they need, offering high-quality products that still fall within their budget.

Quick response times

Our team’s availability and the lead times of our products are our top priority. We provide fast quotes and excellent customer service. Our lead times are fast on stocked products and made to measure and custom items. We flex our production schedules to accommodate large production runs.

At Chatoyer, we work with resellers to optimise specialised textile product sales, from Australia to anywhere around the world. Contact us today to find out how we can help you meet your clients’ needs with high quality products and excellent manufacturing.

Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

We want to build partnerships to support specialised textile product sales in Australia and abroad. Thinking about reselling our exceptional products? Considering outsourcing your fabrication? Talk to us today and we can discuss options and share more about our capabilities.

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