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Products to assist with Water Management for Agriculture and Handling Hazardous Chemicals

Chatoyer offers a range of products to help farm and rural property owners deal with the handling of bulk liquids and water management for agriculture. Most options for use on land are portable allowing the flexibility for change and relocation as needs evolve on the property. 

Considerations for which solutions have been offered include scenarios such as

  • Weed control in lagoons and on equipment
  • Storing harvested rain water
  • Keeping a lagoon healthy and intakes clean
  • Storing animal effluent
  • Storing liquids in bunded areas
  • Cleaning up a spill
  • Keeping storm drains clear of debris

Below is a list of helpful products to assist with various scenarios familiar to those in the agricultur industry. 


Are you affected by outbreaks of noxious weed?

Do you have drain pits on your property?

Do you store liquids in containers or need a place to set down leaking equipment?

Do you need wash down area?

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