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About Us

Leaders in Industrial Fabric Solutions in Australia

Chatoyer is an Australian owned company fabricating product in Sydney, Australia. Our standard and custom made products are available through a network of resellers.

Chatoyer Environmental started in 1996 as an Australian-owned importer and supplier of environmental compliance products, focused on preventing waterway pollution. In 2009 we began fabricating many of the products we supplied in response to the needs of our clients. As we grew, we developed a reputation for excellence in quality fabrication.

Today, our focus is providing exceptional fabricating for our diverse group of clients. With over 28 years experience, Chatoyer delivers top quality products. We continue to supply the environmental compliance products clients know and trust, while expanding to utilise our expertise and resources to create industrial fabric solutions in Australia for a wider range of markets.

We buy local and engage Australian manufacturers to make specialty components used in our products.

Our specialised facility can accommodate a range of assembly and fabrication requirements including cutting, sewing, and high frequency (HF), hot air and wedge welding. We make products from a variety of industrial materials utilising specialised equipment and modern fabrication methods. Fabrication is carried out by a knowledgeable production team with decades of experience incorporating a wide range of industrial fabrics, geotextiles, HDPE/LDPE materials, foam, and metals.

We are always open to new fabrication opportunities, providing strict confidentiality and a productive partnership. As part of the process we leverage supplier relationships which helps us to meet our clients’ needs to procure cost-effective, exceptional products.

Quality and reliability is extremely important to us. Quality assurance is delivered by our highly skilled team from start to finish. Only quality materials and components trusted by our design team and clients are incorporated into the products we make. Our focus on quality ensures reliable product performance that exceeds expectations.

Chatoyer is a well-respected and trusted brand, known for consistent product reliability while demonstrating the highest standards of customer service and professionalism. We believe the best outcomes are achieved through close collaboration with our clients. Because of these relationships, the range of products we fabricate continues to evolve as we serve the specific needs of our clients and uncover new opportunities.

Team Excellence

Excellence starts with the people you choose. At Chatoyer, we choose people who have extensive industry experience in engineering, design, environmental science, and fabrication, and reflect our values.

We place a significant importance on providing opportunities for our team to contribute, learn and grow. Our entire team values our clients, and we work together to deliver the highest quality customer service that comes from a working environment based on trust and support.

A Vision for the future

Chatoyer is a leader in industrial fabric solutions in Australia, and reaching an international market. By increasing our fabrication capabilities and utilising our ingenuity and creative resourcefulness, Chatoyer will continue to invest in people, facilities, and equipment to meet the needs of our valued customers and the Australian market.

Australian Made. Specialised Fabrication. Exceptional Products.

Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

We want to build partnerships to support specialised textile product sales in Australia and abroad. Thinking about reselling our exceptional products? Considering outsourcing your fabrication? Talk to us today and we can discuss options and share more about our capabilities.

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