IBC Covers & Bunded Pallet Covers


Covers are an essential complement to your bunded pallets and IBCs.

Why use a PVC IBC Sleeve or Bunded Pallet Cover?

  • Covers are a great way to protect the contents under the cover from light exposure.
  • By covering the bunded pallet you keep rainwater out and maintain compliant bunding capacity.
  • Leaks from punctures will be contained by the PVC cover and directed down into the sump of your bunded pallet

Chatoyer fabricates covers under contract for customers selling bunded pallets and IBCs. Simply provide your measurements and details of the design if it’s to be sleeve style or attached to a frame. We offer a range of PVCs and they come in different colours including clear.


  • UV Stabilised PVC
  • 400gsm, 610gsm, 900gsm
  • Yellow as standard, other colours available

Design Options

  • Sleeve or made for a frame
  • Sized to meet specifications
  • Velcro closures
  • Tie backs
  • Zips
  • Clear PVC windows
  • Storage pockets
Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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