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Custom manufactured containment and spill control products for oil and gas

Chatoyer offers a wide range of custom manufactured containment for liquids and spill control products. The Oil & Gas industry faces many challenges due to its remote nature. Often located out in the ocean or far reaching communities, any requirement is exaggerated due to its geography.

During off-shore drilling activities and processing, the industry is vulnerable to large scale oil spills requiring rapid and large scale response. Furthermore, both onshore and offshore operations face challenges with containment and control of hazardous liquids.

Hydraulic equipment used in construction has the potential to leak hazardous substances into the surrounding environment and cause pollution.

We recommend a range of oil spill response equipment, floating containment and portable containment solutions to ensure your organisation is able to set up and be prepared for sediment control and the containment and management of stored or spilled liquids.

Below is a list of helpful standard spill control and custom manufactured containment products related to various scenarios familiar to the oil and gas industry. Please click on a question relevant to your organization for more information.


Do you store liquids in containers, operate portable generators or use hydraulic equipment?

Custom Manufactured Containment Case Studies

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