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Floating Baffles for a Brine Pond

Supply, delivery and installation of a floating baffle system to increase retention times within the brine pond.

Project Overview

Australia Pacific LNG Project

Date: August, 2011

Location: Spring Gully, Queensland, Australia


Features Summary

Boom Length:150m
Boom Material:UV Resistant 900gsm PVC
Closed Cell PE Foam
8mm Galvanised Chain

Project Summary

  • Spring Gully is a coal seam gas processing facility operated by Origin Energy Australia
  • Water extracted from the coal seams during the drilling process is not immediately useable due its salt content. To combat this problem, the water is treated at a reverse osmosis plant which separates the water into a concentrated brine and a usable clean water stream which can be used for industrial and construction purposes, for irrigation and to supplement environmental flows in local rivers.
  • The installed floating baffle will increase the retention time of this brine within ponds allowing for enhanced treatment

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