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How to control silt during construction projects

Chatoyer Silt Curtain Environmental Compliance for Marine Construction

Land based construction companies and developers face a myriad of environmental concerns, many of which revolve around how to control silt and prevention of silt and sediment running into the drains and waterways. Storm water management needs to become one of the elements of a project that the developer addresses in the planning stage. Too often we see stormwater pollution as the result of inactivity – when there are a number of products available that will provide cost effective solutions to their pollution control problems. Let’s take a look at a construction site. There is an element of inconvenience that can be applied to ‘doing the right thing’. But with the range of solutions available today authorities (such as the EPA) have little or no tolerance for inactivity that leads to water pollution.

But wait – there’s more. Every construction site would normally involve the use of machinery and equipment. The equipment carries fuel and lubricants. This creates the risk of fuel and oil spills that can enter the waterways via a number of pathways.

Hydraulic equipment used in construction has the potential to leak hazardous substances into the surrounding environment and cause pollution. Chatoyer recommends a range of silt and sediment, spill response and containment solutions to ensure your organisation protects its environment.

Whether your major issue is silt and sediment control, storm water management or hydrocarbon pollution control, the expectation is on the contractor or construction company to ensure adequate measures are in place to prevent pollution.

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