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Weed Booms

chatoyer weed boom in wetland

Weed Booms create a floating barrier that offers effective control of noxious weed and unwanted aquatic plants in many types of waterways including ponds, rivers, and canals. Floating Weed Booms can be strategically placed to stop the migration of unwanted aquatic flora. Use these booms to surround and isolate unwanted aquatic plants and noxious weeds for treatment.

The Weed Boom can be installed as a permanent or temporary solution for management of aquatic plants in waterways. Chatoyer Weed Booms are fabricated with high quality materials and intended for long term use. While a standard design is available, custom options can be designed to suit conditions, the waterway, flow requirements, fauna and longevity.

standard features:

  • 610gsm PVC Elvaloy casings
  • Crumble resistant closed cell foam flotation
  • Superior 370gsm UV stabilised high density knitted HDPE shade cloth skirt
  • 6mm galvanised continuous chain ballast in pocket
  • Universal ASTM F962 z-connectors
  • Custom materials as required

Tidal risers and anchor packages available.
Custom designs available.



Product Information
Length: 15m
Freeboard: 150mm
Draft: 300mm


Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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