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Geotextile Silt Socks are a temporary, cost effective solution to control water movement and reduce soil erosion. An effective and flexible tool, Silt Socks can be strategically arranged on site to manage the stormwater flow requirements by diverting stormwater run off around traps, redirecting sediment laden water into sediment traps and preventing silt and sediment from entering waterways.

Geotextile Silt Socks are fabricated from a heavy duty material with robust construction. These Silt Socks have excellent filtering capability. Supplied  unfilled.


  • 260gsm nonwoven geotextile
  • UV stabilised
  • Black

Silt Sock – 1mL


Product Information
1mL x 150mmDia
with tie closure

Silt Sock – 2mL


Product Information
2mL x 150mmDia
with tie closure

Silt Sock – 3mL


Product Information
3mL x 150mmDia
with tie closure

Silt Sock – 50mL


Product Information
50mL x 150mmDia

Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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