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Heavy Duty Containment Boom with Absorption for the Royal Australian Navy

Navy Cage for container 022-1

To design and manufacture a unique heavy duty containment boom with absorption achieved by attaching a patented absorption boom. The boom was to be housed in a unique system operating from a 40′ container allowing rapid deployment and convenient storage.

Project Overview

Date: August, 2010

Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Features Summary

Boom Length:Each boom is 12.0m long
Boom Material: 
XR-5 Geomembrane
Closed Cell PE Foam
10mm Galvanised chain 
Universal connectors with toggle pins
Absorbtion Boom: Patented polymer attached to larger containment boom allowing for easy replacement.

Project Summary

  • The design provided a containment boom that would both contain spills, absorb spills and could be stored easily.
  • Storage in 40′ container was achieved in a tiered system allowing for rapid deployment on site and convenient storage on site
  • A unique boom design and storage design with a wide application

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