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Heavy Duty Silt Curtain for Rough Conditions

Kingsford Smith Drive heavy duty Silt Curtain for rough conditions

Chatoyer’s silt curtains are well known in the industry. They are high quality, durable, expertly engineered turbidity curtains designed to ride out the toughest conditions. Chatoyer was called upon to replace a competitor’s failed curtain in Brisbane River.

Project Overview

Date: November 2016

Location: Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia

Class 3 heavy duty silt curtain was custom designed to control suspended sediments in a rough Brisbane River during foreshore works to widen and upgrade a major thoroughfare. Water conditions were poor due to winds and river traffic.

Features Summary

Silt Curtain Length:495m + 570m manufactured in 15mL sections
Silt Curtain Depth:2m deep skirt
Silt Curtain Materials:200mm x 200mm closed-cell foam floats, 900gsm PVC, 260gsm nonwoven polypropylene geotextile skirt, Marine zip reinforced by d-rings and bowshackles, 13mm galvanised chain


Because of the failure of competitor’s product, Chatoyer’s heavy duty silt curtain was trialed for two weeks. The pallets of curtains were delivered pre-connected which simplified and expedited deployment. The initial 470m of curtain was deemed appropriate and performed well in the river. The client then ordered a further 570m.

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