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Waste Removal Exercise – Sydney Harbour

To complete a task of unblocking a storm water culvert for NSW Government on the shores of Lavender Bay, Sydney Harbour. Chatoyer was contracted by Polaris Marine to manufacture suitable floating environmental protection measures in the case of an oil spill or migration of sediment during the operation. The storm water entry is near a train terminal. It was not known what would be released when the bloackage was dislodged.

Polaris Marine and Chatoyer have enjoyed a successful supply relationship since 2010. From 2010 to 2014, Polaris had installed over 2,000m of Chatoyer Silt Curtain into Sydney Harbour and Parramatta River.

For this waste removal exercise, Polaris created a primary containment area using a custom Silt Curtain to prevent any discharged debris from entering the harbour from the outfall. During the exercise, a great deal of turbidity was generated from the high pressure cleaning techniques and the curtain performed very well in containing this sediment.

A secondary containment measure was put in place. A Floating Fence Boom was installed around the perimeter of the exercise including the work barge. This boom is impermeable and formed a continuous floating containment bund to trap potential oil or hydrocarbon discharge. This containment boom also acted as an additional barrier for any surface debris if it escaped over the primary silt boom.

Project Overview

Date: November, 2014

Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia

Features Summary

Silt Curtain Length:15.0m
Silt Curtain Depth:3.0m with tapered skirt to best fit application
Silt Curtain Material:
Non woven 240gsm geotextile with 610gsm PVC
Fence Boom Length:15.0m
Fence Boom Height:650mm
Fence Boom Material:
 Heavy Duty 900gsm PVC

Project Summary

  • A environmentally sensitive operation carried out in a very public and important area
  • The exercise was a success with no major incidents with the primary silt curtain performing well to contain sediment. The secondary Floating Fence Boom was not required for oil containment
  • Another successful project working with two large organisations to execute a high profile State government contract

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