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Celebrating 2 year install at Barangaroo

The heavy duty permanent silt curtain install at Barangaroo around, a Sydney landmark, has been installed and managed by our project partners Polaris Marine for over 2 years. Chatoyer is proud of this engineered silt curtain, and as these photos show, it continues to perform very successfully.

This area is a high frequency ferry area and general boating precinct in Sydney Harbour with hundreds of vessels passing very close to the curtain. Of course, over a two year period the curtain needs to withstand a wide variety of storms and weather conditions. This curtain has met expectations and performed. It is essential the heavy duty curtain meets environmental compliance regulations given the close attention Sydney’s populous is giving to the development of this high profile site.

Chatoyer specialise in the design and fabrication of all types of silt curtains including heavy duty permanent curtains designed for open water conditions. Chatoyer’s curtain performance is unquestioned with proven long term reliability. We have similar heavy duty permanent curtain projects currently deployed in other areas of Australia and in New Zealand with equivalent performance.

If you have projects coming up that may require a strong, reliable and permanent containment area, please contact us for a successful outcome.

Silt Curtain Silt Curtain

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