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Debris Boom Traps Rubbish in Tidal Gross Pollutant Trap

Chatoyer custom debris boom for gross pollutant trap

A Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) had been installed in a tidal area neighbouring Cooks River in Sydney. To prevent rubbish from leaving the GPT during high tides, a heavy duty debris boom was installed. A Chatoyer debris boom traps rubbish that floats on water. The debris boom rises with the tide and keeps floating debris and rubbish from escaping over the existing barrier of the GPT.

For this project a new debris boom was required to replace an existing boom which had come to end of life.

Project Overview

Date: April 2020

Location: Caringbah, NSW, Australia

A series of poles had been installed around the perimeter of the GPT, used to keep the boom’s shape and allow it to rise and fall with the tide.

Chatoyer approached this replacement boom from a different perspective to the previous boom design. We designed and constructed custom sized individual panels to fit within the existing space between each pole. This required precise production planning and quality of build to ensure that the boom would fit the set parameters.

Features Summary

Boom Length:Total length of 28m
Boom Depth:650mm
Boom Material:XR-5 geomembrane
Float:150mm x 150mm foam
Ballast:10mm galvanised chain


Key requirement to the client – this debris boom traps rubbish and remains in operation over an expected 10 year product life. This was the driver for Chatoyer to build individual panels to join at each pole.

The installation went to plan and the boom panels fit exactly as expected between the poles.

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