Heavy Duty Silt Curtain for Rough Conditions

Kingsford Smith Drive heavy duty Silt Curtain for rough conditions

Chatoyer’s silt curtains are well known in the industry. They are high quality, durable, expertly engineered turbidity curtains designed to ride out the toughest conditions. Chatoyer was called upon to replace a competitor’s failed curtain in Brisbane River. Project Overview Date: November 2016 Location: Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia Class 3 heavy duty silt curtain was custom designed to control […]

Fined for Polluting – Contractor Forks Out $80,000

water flowing out of urban stormwater canal system

As reported in the New Zealand Press, a major contractor paid NZD $80,000 when fined for polluting a Canterbury waterway. Click here to read the article If you have a site located near a waterway or plan to do works in or near a waterway, make sure you do an assessment to find your pollution […]

Custom Portable Bunding

Custom Portable Containment Bund fully deployed

Chatoyer Environmental technicians designed a custom portable bunding solutions for installation at a coal seam gas exploration site. All products had to be completely portable and supplied with ground mats and carry bags.

Protection of Stormwater During Construction

Silt Wardens were installed to provide protection of stormwater pits during construction. Silt migration was identified as an environmental risk while widening a motorway. The Silt Warden was placed in the existing stormwater pits within the median strip to prevent silt from escaping into the stormwater system.

Heavy Duty Turbidity Curtain Performs Well in Rough Conditions

Heavy Duty Silt Curtain installed in rough seas at Lyttelton Port

To contain debris and sediment associated with the reclamation of Lyttelton Port, a heavy duty turbidity curtain was installed. The area is subject to extreme weather conditions with winds exceeding 40 knots, currents of 8 knots and ocean swells up to 6m.

Celebrating 2 year install at Barangaroo

The heavy duty permanent silt curtain install at Barangaroo around, a Sydney landmark, has been installed and managed by our project partners Polaris Marine for over 2 years. Chatoyer is proud of this engineered silt curtain, and as these photos show, it continues to perform very successfully. This area is a high frequency ferry area […]

Bridge Construction Silt Curtain

Chatoyer silt curtain Sunshine Coast river

During the construction of a new bridge as part of a road upgrade, Class 2 Silt Curtain was utilised to create a settlement area and ensure that suspended solids did not escape the work area.

Completion of boom for Fire & Rescue NSW

Chatoyer has completed another tranche of Floating Fence and Containment Boom for the Fire & Rescue New South Wales. Each boom is custom made and fabricated in 10m lengths with custom carry bags to make for easy storage and handling. The commencement of this contract was one of the initial reasons that Chatoyer started manufacturing […]

Waste Removal Exercise – Sydney Harbour

To complete a task of unblocking a storm water culvert for NSW Government on the shores of Lavender Bay, Sydney Harbour. Chatoyer was contracted by Polaris Marine to manufacture suitable floating environmental protection measures in the case of an oil spill or migration of sediment during the operation. The storm water entry is near a […]

New Case Study – Hanging Odour Curtain

odour control curtain indoor view

Chatoyer has recently uploaded a case study covering the design, fabrication and installation of a series of hanging odour curtains to provide odour control for a major waste recovery facility. Please click on the link below to see more. Odour Control System Case Study