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Ultra-Trench Filter Boom

Rapid Removal and Capture of Hydrocarbons

Prevent residual hydrocarbons from being washed down the trench drains. The Ultra-Trench Filter Boom takes a different approach by situating the filtering mechanism above the drain. Intercept and treat the water before it reaches the drain itself. By utilising Ultra-Filter-Tex material, we guarantee the rapid removal and capture of hydrocarbons from the stormwater flow, permitting only clean rainwater to pass through into the trench drain.


    • Presents a straightforward yet efficient solution for keeping oil, gas, fuel, and other pollutants out of trench drains.
    • Constructed with Ultra-Filter-Tex, a high-performance geotextile,sorbent and filtering media capable of absorbing an average of 13 times its own weight of liquid hydrocarbons.
    • Allows large volumes of water to pass through while effectively absorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal, and vegetable oils.
    • The centre of the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom is designed to accommodate rebar (not included), providing additional weight to keep the unit secure in place.
    • Engineered to withstand any type of vehicular traffic, unlike sorbent ‘socks’ which may burst or deform when driven over.

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Trench Filter Boom







Why should I opt for the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom over your alternative products?

Depending on the application, there may not be a more effective solution than the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom. While Ultra-Filter Socks are an alternative, they may not offer the same cost-effectiveness, especially for longer trench drains. Feel free to explore other options with The Path to the Perfect Product.

Does it come with rebar?

Rebar is not included with the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom, but it can be inserted into the centre if additional stability is required.

What is the oil capacity of the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom?

Each 2,438mm Ultra-Trench Filter Boom can absorb up to 12.5L of hydrocarbons.

Is this product compatible with synthetic oils?

Ultra-Filter-Tex material is specifically designed to absorb hydrocarbons and does not absorb synthetic substances.

Why has Ultra-Filter-Tex been chosen for this specific product?

Ultra-Filter-Tex removes oil and other hydrocarbons faster than traditional absorbents , allowing water to pass through while capturing oil on the surface. Unlike polypropylene sorbents, it does not become blinded on the surface and lose effectiveness over time.

How long can I expect the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom to last before requiring replacement?

The lifespan of the Ultra-Trench Filter Boom varies depending on factors such as the level of contaminants and rainfall. Regular inspections are recommended, and rotating the unit can extend its lifespan.

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