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Diverse range of applications in stormwater management and clean-up endeavors

UltraTech’s Ultra-Filter-Tex boasts a diverse range of applications in stormwater management and clean-up endeavors. Comprised of a proprietary blend of fibres, it is treated to naturally absorb oils and greases from water, while facilitating the unimpeded flow of water through the material. It effectively retains oils and greases without reintroducing them into the water.

Ultra-Filter-Tex material serves as an outstanding asset in oil spill clean-up efforts. Its rolled fabric design distinguishes it from polypropylene by allowing water to swiftly filter through while selectively extracting oil, owing to its hydrophilic properties. In contrast, polypropylene’s water-repellent nature may delay the absorption of oil, particularly in surf environments where oil is dispersed rather than forming a surface sheen.


  • 397 gsm
  • Flowrate 6,152 LPM/m2
  • Puncture resistance: 32 kg
  • 85-90% of sorbed oils reclaimable for media reusability
  • Fabricated from recycled synthetic fibres
  • Utilising cutting-edge technology for lightweight fibre mass creation with extensive surface area
  • Engineered for durable use as geotextile and filter media
  • Efficiently absorbs liquid hydrocarbons while allowing water passage
  • Absorbs an average of 13 times its weight in liquid hydrocarbons including petroleum, animal and vegetable oils
  • Versatile application in oil/water separators, stormwater and wastewater filtration, and water “polishing”
  • Environmentally benign and user-friendly, no harmful substance leaching
  • Minimal residue or ash during incineration


  • Oil Blankets: These1.5m x 3m Ultra-Oil Blankets serve as a highly regarded last line of defense along shores and in surf areas, capable of holding up to 31.5 liters of oil.
  • Spill Fence: Similar to a “silt fence,” this application utilises stakes and wire backing to position Ultra-Filter-Tex in front of marshes, wetlands, and flat shorelines, effectively filtering oil while allowing water to flow through, protecting sensitive estuaries.
  • Oil Booms: (1.8m in length) with pre-installed connecting hardware, with skirted models featuring an 863mm skirt to capture sub-surface oil.
  • Stormwater Management: Ultra-Filter-Tex is integrated into numerous stormwater management products.
  • Rail Mat: Designed to absorb oils and fuels around railroad tracks during railcar maintenance.

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Dimensions (mm)

Capacity (L)

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Filter Tex






6.70L/ per m2



Filter Tex






6.70L/ per m2



Why would I opt for Ultra-Filter-Tex instead of the more commonly used polypropylene absorbents?

Ultra-Filter-Tex outperforms traditional absorbents by swiftly removing oil and hydrocarbons. Unlike polypropylene, it allows unhindered water flow, preventing blinding over time. Click here to discover its advantages over polypropylene.

Isn’t polypropylene less expensive than Ultra-Filter-Tex, Is it truly the case? 

When you directly compare the cost per metre indeed, Ultra-Filter-Tex appears more economical. However, upon closer examination, considering its significantly greater absorption capacity, you’ll swiftly recognize that Ultra-Filter-Tex not only outperforms other options but also proves more cost-effective.

 Does Ultra-Filter-Tex effectively absorb synthetic oils?

Ultra-Filter-Tex material is specifically engineered for absorbing hydrocarbons and does not absorb synthetic substances.

Can absorbed oil be extracted from Ultra-Filter-Tex?

Indeed, around 85-90% of the oils absorbed by Ultra-Filter-Tex can be reclaimed, allowing for the reuse of the material. This process typically involves the use of a press or centrifuge.

Is Ultra-Filter-Tex environmentally friendly?

Ultra-Filter-Tex is environmentally friendly and user-safe. It does not release harmful substances into the environment, and when incinerated, it produces minimal residue or ash.

What is the flow rate of Ultra-Filter-Tex?

The flow rate for Ultra-Filter-Tex is  approximately 6,152 l/m2/min.

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