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Ultra-Pellet Drain

Add a large drain to the containment bund for swift water drainage while retaining the plastic pellets.

Our flexible containment bunds are a great solution for containing plastic pellets known as “nurdles” 
while allowing liquids to drain. The 152mm diameter Ultra-Pellet Drain is incorporated into the bund and constructed with a 17×8 weave designed to trap plastic pellets used in the manufacturing of plastic goods, preventing their release into the environment.

Note: Ultra-Pellet Drain must be ordered along with the flexible bund as it is integrated into the berm. Additionally, please be aware that containment bunds equipped with the Ultra-Pellet Drain are not suitable for containing any type of liquid.



  • Large, 152mm diameter, drain allows rainwater to quickly drain from the berm while containing plastic pellets.
  • 17×8 weave construction provides quick draining.
  • Multiple drains can be added for larger berms.
  • Material of construction: Vinyl-coated polyester.
Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
CHUT8384Pellet Drain, 152mm Mesh Drain Only1521524152


Eligible Products

The spill containment products listed below are compatible with this product, the Ultra-Pellet Drain. Remember: this drain must be ordered when you order any of the berms below if your goal is to contain plastic pellets (“nurdles”) and not liquids of any kind.

  • Ultra-Tanker Bund
  • Ultra-IBC Bund
  • Ultra-Containment Bund– Foam Wall Model
  • Ultra-Containment Bund – Foam Wall Plus Model
  • Ultra-Containment Bund – Modular Model (Gorilla Berm)
  • Ultra-Collapsible Bund – Rapid Rise Model
  • Ultra-Collapsible Bund – Stake Wall Model
  • Ultra-Collapsible Bund– Ultimate Model
  • Ultra-Containment Bund– Collapsible Wall Model
  • Ultra-Collapsible Bund – Compact Model
  • Ultra-Collapsible Bund – Economy Model
  • Ultra-Spill Bund – Mini Foam Wall Model (Duck Pond)
  • Ultra-Concrete Washout Bund
  • Ultra-Track Bund


1. Is there a plug for the Ultra-Pellet Drain?

No. Since the drain itself is flexible, along with the bund it is installed into, there is no drain plug available. Containment bunds that incorporate the use of the Ultra-Pellet Drain will not contain liquids of any kind.

2. How can I contain plastic pellets and liquids at the same time?

An Ultra-Pellet Drain in a bund prevents liquid retention. You can put the bund with a pellet drain over another containment device to catch any liquid that flows through the pellet drain, depending on the model and situation.

An example of this would be a Mini Foam Wall model Ultra-Containment Bund with the Ultra-Pellet Drain installed, which will contain plastic pellets but not liquids, placed on top of a Flexible Model Ultra-Spill Pallet designed to contain liquids but not plastic pellets.

3. What does “17×8 mesh” mean?

The 17×8 weave construction in this mesh fabric means that there are 17 threads per inch running in one direction (warp), and 8 threads per inch running in the perpendicular direction (fill). In other words, the fabric is made up of a grid-like pattern of interlaced threads, with 17 threads in one direction and 8 threads in the other.


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