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Ultra-IBC Bund

Dual containment system provides outstanding protection for IBCs

The Ultra-IBC Spill Bund is a cost-effective and durable solution that combines the functionality of a rugged polyethylene (LLDPE) spill pallet with the containment capacity of a spill bund with a 321-Litre inner pallet and 1,514-Litre outer bund, it is designed to handle catastrophic spills that traditional IBC spill pallets cannot manage. The setup process is quick and easy, taking only minutes and requiring no tools or forklifts. It offers an excellent alternative to traditional IBC spill pallets, making it an ideal choice for those who want to minimize the risk of spills and save money.


  • Inner spill pallet contains smaller spills (up to 321 litres) and elevates intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), tanks and totes for easy dispensing.
  • Outer berm captures catastrophic spills or projectile leaks (up to 1514 litres).
  • System can be quickly and easily set up without forklifts or other handling equipment or tools.
  • IBCs can be loaded/unloaded without breaking down the bund.
  • Economical alternative to IBC spill pallets.
  • Polyethylene (pallet) and 623gsm PVC (bund) construction stand up to rigors found onsite.
  • Provides excellent chemical compatibility.
Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight Capacity (kg)Containment Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHUT0816IBC Bund182818284572948151461


1. Is the IBC Bund difficult and/or time-consuming to set up?

Not at all. Initial set-up will probably take about 15 minutes with the majority of that time being used to insert the L-Brackets into the sleeves in the bund’s sidewalls.

2. What tools are required for set-up/assembly?

No tools are required to set up the Ultra-IBC Bund The inner pallet weighs 49 kg. So a forklift should be used to move it if two people aren’t available to lift.

3. Is the inner spill pallet forkliftable?

Yes, the inner spill pallet can be moved with a forklift but should not be moved if loaded with an IBC or any other container.

4. How does the IBC Bund compare to your other IBC containment in regards to chemical compatibility?

While the inner pallet is made of 100% polyethylene, the outer bund is made with PVC. The compatibility of BOTH materials should be checked using our chemical compatibility guides provided below.

 5. Are replacement parts available or do I have to buy a new unit?

Yes, replacement parts are available. Please contact our Sales Team for more information

 6. Can the bund be repaired if it gets torn or damaged?

Yes, repair kits are available. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.


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