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Ultra-Containment Wall Modular Model

Reusable and Modifiable Spill Containment Solution

The Ultra-Containment Bund, Modular Model , is a unique bund that offers versatility and flexibility in its design. It is also known as the Gorilla Bund due to its robust and durable nature. The key feature of this bund is its ability to change its dimensions with ease. The wall structure of the Gorilla Bund is made of 1 metre coated, foam blocks that allow for quick and easy resizing to meet different requirements. A 90-degree corner piece is also available to easily created a contained space. Once the area is established, a liner can be inserted into the ridge of the berm to create an impermeable base.

No Manual Operation of walls required

The Modular Model Containment Bund is designed to be driven in and out of without requiring any manual operation of the walls. The heavy-duty foam blocks used in the wall structure can compress to allow trucks and other vehicles to drive into the unit, and quickly return to their normal state when the weight is removed. This feature offers a convenient and efficient solution for managing spills, leaks, and other hazardous waste materials.

Other Features of Ultra-Containment Wall Modular Model

  • Modular construction allows containment areas of any size to be configured.
  • Polymer-coated foam support blocks (1m lengths) provide structure to sidewalls – and can be driven over repeatedly without damage.
  • The standard material is a 623gsm, anti-skid, coated vinyl fabric.
  • Triangular-shaped, polymer-coated foam support blocks (1828.8mmL x 406mmW x 152mmH) are used with rebar (not included) to provide sidewall structure.
  • Moulded-in slots in the top of foam blocks hold rebar – and secure material in place.
  • True drive-in/drive-out capability. No manual set-up or take-down of sidewalls is required.

To make them even easier to use, the Modular Containment Wall (Gorilla Bund)  can be supplied with a:

  • Ground mat to increase their durability in harsh environments;
  • Liner for added protection against punctures or harsh chemicals;
  • Repair kit to keep you operating in the case of a puncture or small tear;


Applications for Containment Wall Modular Model

  • Servicing area for vehicles and heavy machinery
  • Temporary bunding for plant & equipment which have may have a spill risk
  • Bunded storage of IBCs, drums, ISO tanks, shipping containers, equipment or anything that might leak or spill
  • Drive on and drive off fuel transfer areas


Replacement Liners

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)
CHUT8750Replacement Liner for 4m x 2.1m Modular Bund24381828
CHUT8752Replacement Liner for 4m x 4m Modular Bund36573657
CHUT8753Replacement Liner for 4m x 10m Modular Bund91443657
CHUT8754Replacement Liner for 4m x 13m Modular Bund121923657
CHUT8755Replacement Liner for 4m x 17m Modular Bund152403657
CHUT8756Replacement Liner for 4m x 19m Modular Bund182883657
CHUT8757Replacement Liner for 8m x 17m Modular Bund152406096
CHUT8758Replacement Liner for 10m x 17m Modular Bund152409144
CHUT8759Replacement Liner for 17m x 17m Modular Bund1524015240
Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Capacity (L)
CHUT8730Modular Side Wall1828457152 -
CHUT8731Modular Corner6096091552-
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