Fined for Polluting – Contractor Forks Out $80,000

water flowing out of urban stormwater canal system

As reported in the New Zealand Press, a major contractor paid NZD $80,000 when fined for polluting a Canterbury waterway. Click here to read the article If you have a site located near a waterway or plan to do works in or near a waterway, make sure you do an assessment to find your pollution […]

Protection of Stormwater During Construction

Silt Wardens were installed to provide protection of stormwater pits during construction. Silt migration was identified as an environmental risk while widening a motorway. The Silt Warden was placed in the existing stormwater pits within the median strip to prevent silt from escaping into the stormwater system.

Fined for allowing sediment pollution

Chatoyer silt curtain Install Queensland tidal

As reported today in The Press (New Zealand), two businesses were fined $52,000 in August 2014 for allowing dirty run off from a housing development enter Duvauchelle Bay in Canterbury, New Zealand. Click here to read more Don’t get fined. Use the products and recommendations available to prevent pollution by sediment. See what Chatoyer has to […]

Capturing Stormwater Pollutants from Runoff

water flowing out of urban stormwater canal system

What is Stormwater? Let’s start with a definition. According to Wikipedia, the term ‘Stormwater’ is (and I quote) “used to describe water that originates during precipitation events” (rain). “It may also be used to apply to water that originates with snowmelt or runoff water from over watering that enters the stormwater system. Stormwater that does […]