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Ultra-Pipe Sock

Filter sediment, oil, and other contaminants from stormwater discharge pipes

The Ultra-Pipe Sock stands as a high-performance solution tailored to filter contaminants from stormwater discharge pipes, encompassing headwalls and various pipe types. Crafted with our exclusive Ultra-Filter -Tex, a durable geotextile filter media, that allows substantial water volumes to flow through while adeptly absorbing liquid hydrocarbons like petroleum, animal and vegetable oils, and other liquid contaminants.

Often referred to as a “drainage sock,” the Ultra-Pipe Sock stands out as an optimal selection for industries required to adhere to stormwater regulations and for businesses that prioritise clean water and environmental conservation. It notably proves advantageous in preventing sediment in-flow during high water events in pond applications,  thereby contributing to erosion mitigation and the protection of water quality.



  • The Ultra-Pipe Sock permits large volumes of water to pass through while efficiently absorbing liquid hydrocarbons.
  • Installation and maintenance of the Ultra-Pipe Sock are straightforward.
  • Ultra-Filter-Tex material boasts exceptional durability, ensuring a cost-effective long-term solution.
  • Custom sizes are available.
  • Material: Ultra-Filter-Tex Fabric.

Ultra-Pipe Sock Models

Product CodeDescriptionColourLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Absorption Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHUT9705-OSOil & SedimentGrey1,5242032036.9
CHUT9706-OSOil & SedimentGrey1,52430430491
CHUT9707-OSOil & SedimentGrey1,524406406131


Product CodeDescriptionWeight (kg)Product Image
CHUT9739Hose Connector19739-Hose-Connector-attaching-to-dewatering-bag-scaled


1. What are Ultra-Pipe Socks made of?

They are made using a recycled material called Ultra-Filter-Tex.

2. What is the Ultra-Filter-Tex material used in the Ultra-Pipe Socks?

Ultra-Filter-Tex is a high-performance, cost-effective absorbent that allows large volumes of water to pass through while sorbing liquid hydrocarbons, including petroleum, animal, and vegetable oils. Find out more here.

3. Does this product work with synthetic oils?

Ultra-Filter-Tex material is designed for the absorption of hydrocarbons and will not absorb synthetics.

4. How do I attach the Pipe Socks?

It has straps that are attached to the sock itself. These straps can be tied around the pipe to secure it in place. Alternatively, a Hose connector (Product CHUT9739 can be used.)

5. How much oil can Pipe Socks absorb?

The hydrocarbon absorbing capacity is based on the size of the Pipe Sock: 203mm  Dia. = 16.4 L, 304mm Dia. = 9.8 L, 406mm Dia. = 13.2 L

6. What is the difference between the Ultra-Pipe Sock and drainage socks or water socks?

The Ultra-Pipe Sock could be considered to be a drainage sock or water sock, as both of these are generic terms used to describe products that filter stormwater being discharged from pipes. Filter sock or filter sleeve is one that slips onto corrugated pipes—such as french drains—and is buried with the pipe itself. The Ultra-Pipe Sock is designed to be attached to the end of a non-corrugated stormwater discharge pipe to filter sediment and hydrocarbons before it reaches our waterways.

7. What other products should I consider that are similar to the Pipe Sock?

The Dewatering Bag is similar in function to the Ultra-Pipe Sock just on a larger scale.


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