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Ultra-Drain Guard Recycled Model

Keep oil and sediment from entering catch basins with environmentally-friendly inserts 

The Ultra-Drain Guard Recyclable Model is made from Ultra-Filter-Tex. A hydrophilic material that effectively filters hydrocarbons such as oil and gas from water flow. The recycled insert made from this material is an ideal product made to comply with AS1940:2017 and organisational sustainability plans, because it is made from 100% recycled material and does not compromise quality nor the water filtering efficiency. 

Product Highlight

  • 100 Microns
  • Flowrate: 6152 L/m2/min, together with built-in overflow ports, prevents ponding and flooding. 
  • Made completely out of Ultra-Filter-Tex material — 100% recycled content. 
  • Ultra-Filter-Tex material captures silt and sediment from runoff in addition to absorbing hydrocarbons. 
  • Quick and easy installation — simply lift catch basin grate, lower Ultra-Drain Warden in place, and replace the grate. 


Product Code 




Product Weigh (kg) 

Containment Capacity (L) 

Weight Capacity (kg) 










CHUT 9378 

Recycled 1-Pack 






5L of Oil 

18 kg of Sediment 

CHUT 9376 

Ultimate 1-Pack 






5L of Oil 

18 kg of Sediment 


What’s different about this Ultra-Drain Guard model compared to the others? 

From a dimensional standpoint, the recycled model is the same as the oil & sediment model, but instead of the geotextile material used for other models, we make the recycled model completely from Ultra-Filter-Tex. 

Why do you use Ultra-Filter-Tex for this product? 

Ultra-Filter-Tex removes oil and other hydrocarbons much faster than traditional absorbents.  A polypropylene sorbent material will not allow water to freely pass through it.  Oil will absorb at the surface of a polypropylene absorbent, and the polypropylene will eventually blind over and the centre will not absorb any oil. 

Does this product work with synthetic oils? 

Consider using our other Ultra-Drain Guards for comparable results. The oil & sediment plus model contains Ultra-Filter-Tex material strips to increase hydrocarbon absorption.  

Do I have to take the grate out of the storm drain to install this Ultra-Drain Guard? 

Yes.  While we do have some stormwater products that do not require the grate to be lifted, the Ultra-Drain Guard, Recycled Model does require that you first lift the grate. 

What do I do with the Ultra-Drain Warden when I’m done with it? 

If the unit was solely used to eliminate dirt, sand, and sediment from incoming stormwater flow, you can dispose of it like regular trash/waste. However, if the Ultra-Filter-Tex material has absorbed oil/grease or any other hydrocarbons, you must dispose of it following the local regulations and requirements. 

What size drains will this Ultra-Drain Guard/Drain Warden fit? 

The Ultra-Drain Guard, Recycled Model is designed to be installed in drains up to 762mm x 1,016mm. 

What other products could be used instead of the Ultra-Drain Guard/Drain Warden, Recycled Model? 

You could achieve similar results by using one of our other Ultra-Drain Guards.  If there is any kind of requirement for some recycled content, the oil & sediment plus model uses strips of Ultra-Filter-Tex material for added hydrocarbon absorption.   

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