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Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet PLUS MODEL

Economical and portable containment for IBCs

The Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus is a cost-effective and movable solution for containing spills from large containers such as IBCs and tanks. It is made entirely of polyethylene (LLDPE) which makes it highly resistant to chemicals. With forklift pockets, it is easy to move around.



  • Low profile, 711mm overall height – allows safe and convenient IBC tank handling and dispensing.
  • All-polyethylene construction – offers excellent chemical resistance and will not rust or corrode.
  • Forkliftable – allows convenient positioning to desired locations.
  • Low-cost design with value-added features and benefits.
  • Large 1320mm x 1320mm deck allows safe and convenient placement of IBC tanks.
  • Small footprint – 1574mm x 1574mm unit requires minimal floor space.
  • Optional pull over cover keeps rainwater out of sump and helps comply with stormwater management regulations.
  • Five inner polyethylene (LLDPE) columns support uniformly distributed loads of up to 3855 kg . All components are easily removed for cleaning.
  • Optional bucket shelf captures spills from dispensing. Spills that exceed 11 Litre are channelled into the 1381 Litre sump through a bulkhead fitting.


The innovative “Cross of Life” design protects the pallet’s structural integrity during heavy loads over time. As more weight is applied to the top of the pallet, the Cross of Life design draws the all-polyethylene sides towards the center instead of allowing them to sag outwards. Learn more.



Five-Year Warranty

Benefit from the industry’s most robust warranty, offering five years of protection against any defects in material or workmanship. Learn more. 


Ultra-IBC Spill Pallets – Plus Models

Product Code


Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Weight Capacity (kg)

Containment Capacity (L)

Weight (kg) 

CHUT 1157

Plus, No Drain







CHUT 1158

Plus, With Drain








Product Code


Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Weight (kg)

CHUT 1160

Plus – Bucket Shelf





CHUT 1159

Plus  Pullover Cover






1. What are the dimensions of the forklift pockets?


2. Can I move this pallet with an IBC on top?

No, we do not recommend moving loaded spill pallets.

3. Why would I choose the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus over the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet?

The Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus has a lower profile of 711mm is forklift-friendly and less expensive.

4. Why wouldn’t I choose the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus over the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet?

If you need a larger sump capacity or a greater weight capacity, then the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet may be a better option for you.

5. How large of an IBC can I store on the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus?

The standard dimensions for a typical plastic IBC in Australia are as follows:

  • Length: 1200 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm
  • Height: 1160 mm

These dimensions result in an IBC capacity of 1000 litres.

6. Is the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus forkliftable?

Yes, there are forklift pockets on two sides of the pallet.

7. Can the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus be moved with a forklift while there is a full tank on top of it?

It is not recommended.

8. Can the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus support an IBC that has pedestal posts for legs, or just flat bottom IBCs?

The pallet has a 3,855 kg capacity.  This is for uniformly distributed loads .  An IBC that is supported by pedestal post or feet focuses all its weight on those feet.  If the dimensions of those feet are not large enough to properly displace the weight on the spill pallet’s grating, it could be an issue.  As a precaution, steel plates (at least 304mm x 304mm) can be used under the feet in order to more evenly distribute the weight over a greater area.

9. What is the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus made of?

Our pallets are made of 100% polyethylene (LLDPE) which provides superior chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance.

10. Can you stack two IBCs on top of the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus?

Because of the potential weight of two fully loaded IBCs we would recommend that you use the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet instead.  It is capable of safely handling up to 7,257 kg (UDL ).

 11. Is the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus available with a drain?

Yes, the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus is available either with a drain (Product CHUT1158 ) or without a drain (Product CHUT1157).

12.What type of drain is used for these pallets?

The standard drain is a threaded hole in the sidewall with a 19mm polyethylene plug with NPT threads installed.

13. Can the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus be used outdoors?

The Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus is made of 100% polyethylene (LLDPE) so it won’t rust or corrode.  It also has UV inhibitors so it will last for many years in the sunlight without degrading.  HOWEVER, the biggest consideration for using the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus outside is rain.  If the sump is filled (even partially) with rainwater, it has lost or reduced its capacity to capture a spill from the IBC that’s on top of it.  There are a few ways to address this issue:

12.1 Place the IBC and the pallet somewhere where there is a roof/shade or some other form of overhead protection to keep the rain and elements out.

12.2 Use the optional pull over cover (Product CHUT1159) and place it over the IBC and pallet.

12.3 Instead of purchasing the Ultra-IBC Spill Pallet Plus, buy the Ultra-IBC Hard Top which has a built-in rigid polyethylene (LLDPE) cover.

12.4 Add an Ultra-Self Bailer to the spill pallet sump.  This unit will allow clean water to pass through while filtering out any gas, oil or other hydrocarbons.

14. Are there any other accessories that I should know about?

Yes, the Ultra-Bucket Shelf is an excellent complement to the pallet.  It slides securely into built-in grooves in the side of the pallet and captures any incidental leaks or spills that may occur when liquids are being dispensed from your IBCs.  If you order the bucket shelf at the same time as your pallet we will also install a bulkhead fitting so that any liquids that are captured are directed into the pallet’s sump.

15. What’s with the columns inside of the sump and do they need to be installed a certain way?

The columns provide internal support and there is a correct way for them to be installed.  If you do not have instructions or have any questions, please contact us.


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