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The Cross of Life

The Power in UltraTech’s Spill Pallets

Virtually all spill pallets made by various manufacturers have a design flaw: they make the top of the spill pallet open with a grate on top of it. By having an open top, much of the weight from the drums on top transfers to the sidewalls of the spill pallet. Since polyethylene (LLDPE) material (what plastic spill pallets are made of) will creep when under stress, the sidewalls slowly buckle over many months, based on the load weight of the drums.

With some of the poorer designs, UltraTech has seen the sidewalls creep out until they are wider than the grates causing the grates to fall into the spill pallet. Now you are faced with:

  • The best-case scenario: You must spend more money and buy a new spill pallet.
  • The worst-case scenario: Your drums topple over and you’ve got a hazmat spill on your hands.


UltraTech has a solution to this design problem. Most of our spill pallet and IBC spill pallet designs use what we term “the cross of life”.

The cross of polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic is moulded across the top of the spill pallet and connects the four sidewalls together. The more weight that is placed on the top of the grates, the more weight that is applied to the cross of life which in turn helps pull the sidewalls in, rather than allow them to sag out.

The more weight, the greater the protection for the sidewalls. The overall uniform distributed load weight should not be exceeded in any case.


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