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Ultra-Drum Spill Pallet Flourinated Model

Spill pallets built with fluorinated polyethylene (LLDPE) to endure chlorinated solvents

Ultra-Drum Spill Pallet Fluorinated Models are built with 100% polyethylene (LLDPE), mirroring the design of Ultra-Spill Pallets. However, fluorinated spill pallets undergo a fluorination process, rendering them compatible with aggressive chemicals and specific chlorinated solvents.This construction offers robust support for heavy loads and enhances accessibility for pouring and transportation. 



  • 4-Drum Spill Pallet supports loads up to 2721kg, while a 2-Drum supports up to 1360kg.
  • Made entirely of fluorinated polyethylene (LLDPE), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of aggressive chemicals.
  • Enjoy the security of our industry-leading warranty, with five years of protection against defects in materials or workmanship.


The innovative “Cross of Life” design protects the pallet’s structural integrity during heavy loads over time. As more weight is applied to the top of the pallet, the Cross of Life design draws the all-polyethylene sides towards the center instead of allowing them to sag outwards. Learn more.



Five-Year Warranty

Benefit from the industry’s most robust warranty, offering five years of protection against any defects in material or workmanship. Learn more. 

Ultra-Drum Spill Pallets FLUORINATED 2-DruM Model

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight Capacity (kg)Containment Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHUT12122-Drum Fluorinated, No Drain1346736419136025029
CHUT12132-Drum Fluorinated, With Drain1346736419136025029

Ultra-Drum Spill Pallet FLOURINATED 4-Drum Model

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Weight Capacity (kg)Containment Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHUT12334-Drum Fluorinated & Nestable No Drain 12951295254272125036
CHUT12324-Drum Fluorinated & Nestable, With Drain12951295254272125036


1. What are the dimensions for the forklift pockets?
2. How can I know if these pallets are compatible with the chemicals I am using?

A RULE OF THUMB is that the fluorination of the Ultra-Spill Pallets will improve the rating on our compatibility guide by one letter.

3. Is the Ultra Drum Spill Pallet Standard forkliftable from all four sides?

The 4-drum model is forkliftable from all four sides. The 2-drum model is forkliftable from either of the two longer (1346mm) sides.

4. Can I move spill pallets with drums on them?

No, we do not recommend moving loaded pallets.

5. Can I add a drain to my spill pallet after it’s been purchased/delivered?

Yes, there are two different ways that it can be done. Both are easy to do and inexpensive. Please contact us for more information.

6. I’m not sure if I should get a spill pallet with a drain or without. What do you recommend?

Good arguments can be made for either option so it is difficult to give a single recommendation. Some users prefer to have a drain to make clean-up easier. If a spill occurs, the drain plug can be unscrewed and the contents can drain out into an appropriate container. Others feel that the drain plug is something that could be unscrewed (for cleaning or maintenance) and then forgotten. Needless to say, that would make for a very ineffective spill containment pallet.

7. What type of drain is used for these pallets?

The standard drain is a threaded hole in the sidewall with a 19mm polyethylene plug with NPT threads installed.

8. If I don’t have a drain, then how am I supposed to clean up after a spill?

We recommend using a pump like the Bladder Pump (Product CHUT2345) used with our Ultra-Spill Deck Bladder Systems.


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