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Ultra-Containment Wall M2

Long-Term, High-Capacity Spill Containment  Modular Hard-Walled System

The Ultra-Containment Wall M2 is a modular spill containment system that can be assembled into different shapes and sizes. It is not affixed to the ground, so it can be used on various surfaces. Available with 305mm (1’), 610mm (2’) or 915mm (3’) high walls. Complete kits are available to hold different amounts of spilled liquid.

Other Features of Ultra-Containment Wall M2

  • Mix and match Modular Wall Sections and Corners to form almost any size/shape spill containment area needed.
  • Heavy-duty, 414gsm, textured polyethylene liner provides a rugged, impermeable barrier to capture leaks and spills.
  • Creates large, semi-permanent containment areas. Provides much greater capacity than shorter-walled containment systems.
  • Versatile system can be easily disassembled for reuse at future sites.
  • Containment Wall and Corner pieces carry a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Applications for Ultra Containment Wall M2

  • Spill containment for frac tanks, chemical storage tanks and other large vessels
  • Temporary bunding for plant & equipment which may have a spill risk
  • Bunded storage of IBCs, drums, ISO tanks, shipping containers, equipment or anything that might leak or spill


Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)
CHUT8896M2 305mm Wall 2,185458305
CHUT8897M2 305mm Corner 933933305
CHUT8887M2 305mm Liner 19,50810,364-
CHUT8880M2 610mm Wall 2,185610610
CHUT8881M2 610mm Corner934484610
CHUT8886M2 610mm Liner20,11710,364-
CHUT8883M2 915mm Wall 2,185610915
CHUT8884M2 915mm Corner 934483915
CHUT8888M2 915mm Liner 22,86011,277-
CHUT8890M2 Replacement Pin for 610mm and 915mm2663333
CHUT8891M2 Replacement Clip 712mm71112782
CHUT8892M2 Replacement Pin for 305mm4949160

Ultra Containment Wall M2- Complete Systems

Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Capacity (L)
CHUT8882M2 610mm Complete System17,0004,60061047,018
CHUT8898M2 305mm Complete System16,8004,60030623,511
CHUT8885M2 915mm Complete System17,0004,60090070,529
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