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Environmental risks facing the Mining industry

Chatoyer understands the environmental risks facing the mining industry. To assist your environmental protection efforts, we have compiled a list of potential risks facing your industry and corresponding product solutions to help your organisation protect its environment.


Do you operate hydraulic equipment or machinery?

Issue: Any hydraulic equipment has the potential to leak hazardous substances into the surrounding environment and cause soil and water table contamination if not contained or cleaned up properly.


The Chatoyer range of Collapsible Bunds are an effective solution for the temporary storage of mobile generators or other hydraulic equipment used on-site during operations. Manufactured from Elvaloy, which is a high quality UV and chemical resistant material, the bunds are constructed with drop down walls to allow vehicle access. They also come in compact storage sizes so are suitable for transportation.


The SpilMax®range of spill containment and response solutions
absorb and contain hazardous liquids from leaking equipment, tools, machinery and other general spills. Our range includes organic floor sweeps, which effectively encapsulates oil or fuel-based products in the event of a spill. We also supply a high performance range of polypropylene absorbents; including pads, booms, rolls and wipes.


Do you conduct drilling or dredging operations in aquatic systems?

Issue: In the event of a spill incident during drilling operations, you may be faced with large quantities of oil or other hazardous substances migrating into environmentally sensitive
regions of the aquatic system, which must be controlled.


Silt Curtains are used to control the migration of silt in water during dredging operations. In the event of a spill incident occurring, Containment
Booms can be deployed to contain hazardous liquids from spreading throughout the marine environment.

The SpilMax®range of marine absorbent booms are hydrophobic in nature, meaning they will absorb oil or fuel-based liquids but will repel water. This makes our absorbent range
effective for the clean-up of spills on water; utilised in conjunction with SpilMax® absorbent pads.

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