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EHS – Where to spend your money?

SpilMax Spill kit insitu in outdoor area

Environmental, Health and Safety. For a moment I want you to think of OHS, or is that SHE, or EHS…. whatever – workplace safety. It’s the policy that runs in the background inside every organization in Australia, designed to protect all those who venture into the workplace. The policy extends from the cleaners through to the CEO, and there can be no exceptions. Even contractors need to abide by the policy procedures in place.

Now, what is a business prepared to spend on products and services to ensure they are compliant with WorkCover’s enforceable guidelines?

The answer is plenty. Because they have to.

There are auditors, local government inspectors, state Government authorities and even police roaming around our respective work places who will create havoc for the management if the dollars are not spent in the right areas to ensure the safety guidelines are met. Businesses even need to invest in training staff and contractors on the local safety policies – in an induction process.

Then they exercise their brag rights and extoll their virtuosity in protecting their workers. A great sales tool, yes?

Now consider how much of that health and safety spend is allocated to the onsite environmental safety. Most businesses fail to see any top line benefit to an environmental spend. They may buy a spill kit and claim their right of passage on the environmental high road. But how does their hard earned outlay translate to a marketing boon or a sales carrot. How can they create a benefit to their top line?

Check that same spill kit a few months (and a few spills) later. It will probably contain more McDonalds wrappers than absorbent pads. The spill kit was purchased begrudgingly and will live its existence lonely and unloved. Unlike the brand new induction program for OHS! But… no green eyes here.

Let’s get back to the point…
Environmental compliance is, in the eyes of this blogger, where OHS compliance was in the 90’s. Most businesses understand that they need to do something. But of those, most do not understand exactly what they need to do. If you have never had a spill, does that mean that you never will?

Take a look at your environmental risks onsite. Look at what the relative spend is on environmental products against other OHS products. You may find a way to use your outlay as a marketing tool, since we all want to do business with responsible companies.

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