Weed Boom to Stop Salvinia Weed

Salvinia weed spreads violently through spring and summer time. A fish passageway installed by DEEDI was quickly being clogged by this noxious weed. Project Overview Date: September 2011 Location: Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia Features Summary Boom Length:  45m length with 300mm skirt depth Boom Material:  Heavy Duty Elvaloy Float:  Closed Cell PE Foam Ballast:  6mm galvanised […]

Having algae or noxious weed problems?

chatoyer weed boom in wetland

Chatoyer Weed and Debris Booms can be used to control waterways if you’re having algae or noxious weed problems. Weed Booms are fabricated using a superior horticulture grade material for durable filtration. It is designed to control all noxious weed and rubbish in any aquatic environment whilst allowing water and marine life to continue to […]