Environmentally friendly workplace responsibility

we all play a part in protecting the environment

To better understand the responsibility of business towards the environment, it may be prudent to first take a look at our attitudes as environmental advocates. Let’s take a glance at how as individuals, and as a community, our focus has shifted through time and experience from one of apathy to that of concerned bystander. How […]

Three Charged Over Oil Spill in Brisbane River

The owner, master and chief engineer of a ship have been charged over an oil spill in the Brisbane River. The three charged over the oil spill under the Transport Operations Marine Safety Act 1995 and will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court today, Maritime Safety Queensland says. The GL Lan Xiu, which was bound […]

Chatoyer attends hydraulic oil spill

spill scene spill contained using absorbent pads and marine booms

Chatoyer were quick to respond to a water borne spill on a Sunshine Coast popular river when one of our clients had a hydraulic hose burst. The client was prepared with a marine spill kit and bale of oil absorbent pads for emergency response. Paul Banner was called and arrived on the scene within 30 […]

Types of Spill Kit – Are they all the same?

Spill Clean Up from drum that tipped over near a storm drain. A man has put down an absorbent boom in front of the drrain pit and is pouring floor sweep on the spilled liquid

Whilst having a spill response kit is a positive move for a business in addressing its environmental awareness (and compliance) the types of spill kit need to be the right one for the risk in its vicinity.If you have a car park, for example, the main risk of spill is for oils and fuels to […]

Filtration Curtains to prevent solids entering drinking water reservoir

Silvan Reservior Filtration Curtains to lower solids in drinking water reservoir

The brief is to manufacture two filtration curtains to prevent solids entering drinking water reservoir. These custom silt curtains face an inlet into a dammed reservoir and are put in place to reduce forest debris in the system. By reducing the debris, there would be reduced water processes for the Silvan drinking water treatment plant. […]

Collapsible Bunds to Contain Leaking Transformers for Jemena

To custom design and manufacture collapsible bunds to contain leaking transformers in the field or at depots. Project Overview Date: September, 2009 Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Features Summary Materials used:  Heavy duty XR5 geomembrane Bund Dimensions: 12.5m long x 4.0m wide x 0.5m high Capacity: 25,000L Project Summary Custom designed and manufactured to meet Jemena’s […]