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Ultra-Kerb Guard Plus

Protect kerb inlets from oil, sediment and other pollutants in stormwater runoff

Urban kerb inlets are often subjected to significant volumes of stormwater. Consequently, any stormwater filter intended for use in such environments must possess two critical features: (1) the capacity to manage large quantities of water and (2) the ability to remain stationary during high flow rates.

UltraTech designed the Ultra-Kerb Guard Plus to withstand the substantial volume of rainwater that curb inlets often receive. The unit features heavy-duty foam inserts that wedge securely into the inlet, ensuring that the filter remains stationary. Additionally, the product’s polypropylene material, Ultra-Filter-Tex absorbent, and engineered design enable it to filter substantial amounts of water without ponding or flooding.


  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Modular design to any length.
  • Units can be quickly and easily connected to form longer lengths.
  • Wedge-shaped, heavy-duty foam secures the unit in the kerb inlet.
  • Woven, polypropylene material provides high flow rate — will not cause ponding or flooding.

Product Code 











CHUT 9248 







CHUT 9251 








What is the flow rate of the Ultra-Curb Guard Plus?
  • The flow rate for the 0.9m model (CHUT9248) is 106 Litre Per Minute
  • The flow rate for the 1.2m model (CHUT9251) is 141 Litre Per Minute
Does this product work with synthetic oils?

Ultra-Filter-Tex material is designed for the absorption of hydrocarbons and will not absorb synthetics.

There are a lot of different-sized kerb inlets. How do I know that the Ultra-Kerb Guard Plus will fit mine?

We offer two lengths for that reason. CHUT9248 is 914mm long, and CHUT9251 is 1219mm long.  In addition to the two lengths, the units can also be cut so that you can have a “custom fit”.  The foam wedges that are used to keep the unit secured have some give so that they’ll fit a range of heights.  If necessary, they are also perforated so that small sections can be cleanly torn off to allow a good fit in smaller inlets.

What are the advantages of the Ultra-Kerb Guard Plus over similar products?

The Ultra-Kerb Guard is an effective stormwater filtering product that stays in place even during heavy storms, thanks to its foam inserts. It has a low profile and is less likely to be damaged by street sweepers or traffic. Compared to other filtering solutions, such as gravel bags, rolls of material, and perforated PVC piping, the Ultra-Kerb Guard Plus is a cleaner and more visually appealing option.

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