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Ultra-Grate Lifter

A single-person grate and storm drain lifter

The Ultra-Grate Lifter is a safe and easy way for one person to remove grate and drain covers. Its design gives a single person the proper leverage and control to lift even the most stubborn of covers.


  • Can be operated by a single person.
  • Disassembles quickly for easy transport.
  • Optional 2-piece carrying case (Product CHUT9241) available for easy and convenient storage and transport.
Product CodeDescriptionLifting Capacity (kg)Weight (kg)
CHUT9234Grate Lifter18130
CHUT9241Grate Lifter, Carrying Case - 2 piece setN/A3


1. What is the Ultra-Grate Lifter made of?

It is made with powder-coated steel.

 2. How much weight is the Grate Lifter capable of lifting?

It can lift up to 181 Kg.

3. What hooks/accessories does the Grate Lifter come with?

It comes with a double, two-pronged hook attachment that is designed to work with most storm drain grates.



Australian Made. specialised fabrication.

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