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Ultra-Gutter Guard

A reusable solution to keep silt, sediment, and other debris out of kerb inlets

The Ultra-Gutter Guard offers a sustainable solution tailored to address the issue of blockages in stormwater drainage systems. Made from recycled synthetic fibers, it is meticulously designed to trap silt and other debris from stormwater before reaching the kerb inlets.

In times of heavy rainfall, its integrated overflow ports facilitate unhindered water flow, safeguarding against blockages that could lead to water backup.

Distinguishing itself from alternative gutter guards, the Ultra-Gutter Guard eliminates the need for installation; it can be effortlessly positioned directly in front of the kerb inlet with a recommended minimum overlap of 304mm on each side. Furthermore, its washable and reusable nature ensures longevity, with options available in three different lengths.


  • Available in various lengths
  • Made of 100% recycled materials
  • Washable & reusable

Ultra-Gutter Guard

Product CodeDescriptionColourLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Product Weight (kg)
CHUT9320Gutter Guard Grey2,4382282286
CHUT9321Gutter GuardHi-Vis Yellow3,0482282288
CHUT9322Gutter GuardHi-Vis Yellow3,65722822810
CHUT9323Gutter GuardHi-Vis Yellow4,87622822813


1. Why WOULDN’T I use the Ultra-Gutter Guard instead of one of your other stormwater management products?

For one, the Ultra-Gutter Guard is made from 100% recycled materials. So if your company/agency has any directives for prioritising environmentally friendly products, the Ultra-Gutter Guard would certainly meet those criteria. Another good reason is the ease of use. Installation of the Ultra-Gutter Guard is as simple as laying it down in front of the inlet. And removal is just as easy.

 2. Why shouldn’t I choose the Ultra-Gutter Guard instead of other kerb inlet products?

From an aesthetic standpoint, the Ultra-Gutter Guard, may not be the best option. It also is more obtrusive than some of our other products which may prove to be less than ideal in areas with a lot of pedestrian traffic or that use street sweeper equipment.

3. What size Ultra-Gutter Guard do I need?

We recommend an Ultra-Gutter Guard that is at least 609mm longer than the inlet so that there is 304mm or more of overlap on either side of the opening.

4. Can the Ultra-Gutter Guard be reused?

Yes. The Ultra-Gutter Guards can be reused and moved from drain to drain. If necessary, the units can be rinsed off to remove dirt, mud, sediment, etc. before moving.

5.  Why are there holes in the middle of the Ultra-Gutter Guard?

The holes in the middle of the Ultra-Gutter Guards are overflow ports. In the event of large amounts of rainfall, the overflow ports will allow water to pass through untreated to prevent ponding and/or flooding.

6.  What other products could be used instead of the Ultra-Gutter Guard?

 The Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus and Ultra-Filter Socks are both potential alternatives to the Ultra-Gutter Guard.  


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