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Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus

Protect high-flow Kerb inlets from silt, sediment, and contaminants.

The Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus® is a specialised solution for kerb inlets which are prone to high-flow volumes. It employs a unique, multi-dimensional outer filter and a rigid inner frame to prevent debris and silt from clogging inlets. Additionally, it allows for the insertion of rebar, gravel, or similar material as a counterweight to keep the unit upright and secure.

One of the key benefits of the Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus is its low-profile design which offers optimal protection to Kerb inlets without being too obtrusive. This feature is particularly advantageous in areas with frequent pedestrian traffic, as it reduces tripping hazards. Moreover, the lower profile is less likely to suffer damage from street sweepers or other machinery.


  • Modular, 0.9m, inner frames allow for compact transport and storage.
  • To keep unit upright and secure, rebar, gravel, or a similar material can also be inserted as a counterweight.
  • Tie-back straps on either end of the unit can be used with a sod pin or stake for additional anchoring.
  • Can be easily cleaned and reused.


Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus

Product CodeDescriptionColourLength (mm)Width (mm)Product Weight (kg)
CHUT9151Gutter Guard Plus, no weight includedHi-Vis Yellow1,828504


1. Why WOULDN’T I use the Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus instead of one of your other stormwater management products?

Compared to some of UltraTech’s other Kerb inlet products, the Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus will take more time and effort to install. If there are many inlets in your project, this additional time could become significant. Additionally, the Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus is designed to remove only sediment, dirt, silt, and debris. It is not designed to remove other pollutants like hydrocarbons or heavy metals.

2. What is the pouch used for in the back of the Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus?

That pouch is designed to provide a counterweight to the unit and will help to keep the Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus upright/vertical. By filling the pouch with rebar, rocks, gravel, or another aggregate, the weight of the pouch will help pull the entire unit back toward the opening of the inlet.

3. What are the straps on either side of the Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus used for?

Those straps can be used to stake the unit down. Similar to the counterweight pouch (see above), the straps are used to help keep the unit upright/vertical.

4. How do I install Ultra-Gutter Guard Plus?

The installation instructions will help explain the process but, basically, you assemble the frames that provide the internal support/structure and then place the frame inside the polypropylene sleeve. Secure it using the counterweight pouch and/or the tie-down straps.

5. What other product should I consider for this application?

The Ultra-Gutter Guard is similar in function and is quick and easy to install. Contact our Sales Team for more information.


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