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Ultra-Ultra-Drain Guard High Capacity Oil and Sediment

High-capacity catch basin insert captures large amounts of sediment and oil. 

The Ultra-Drain Guard is a highly efficient solution for protecting the drainage system of a worksite. It is designed to handle large volumes of sediment, dirt, debris, oil, grease, and other hydrocarbons. The guard is constructed using a heavy-duty, needle-punched geotextile material that has excellent absorption properties. It can capture up to 136kg of sediment, dirt, and debris, making it ideal for use in industrial and construction settings. Installing the catch basin insert is easy and can be secured in place using a grate and retainer bars.

Product Highlight

  • Flow through material 3,746 L/m2/min
  •  Non-woven, polypropylene geotextile
  • 1,524mm to 1,524mmskirt fits almost any drain up to 1,371mm x 1,371mm. Excess material can be trimmed if desired. 
  • Large, 76mm wide, polyester handling straps help in removal of full units. 
  • The use of forklifts, or other equipment is recommended for removal of units with large amounts of silt, dirt, and sediment. 

Product Code 


Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm) 


High-Capacity, Oil and Sediment 





How does the Ultra-Drain Guard High Capacity Model compare with the standard Ultra-Drain Guard?

The dimensions of the high capacity are 1,524mm to 1,524mm x 889mm 

The dimensions of the standard are 1,219mm x 914mm x 457mm 

Capacities of the high capacity – Oil absorption: 7L. Max sediment load: 136kg 

Capacities of the standard – Oil absorption: 3L Max sediment load: 18kg 

Does this product work with synthetic oils?

Yes, the needle-punched geotextile material used, can absorb synthetic oils.  

What are the retainer bars for and why would I need them?

The retainer bars are optional but helpful when installing and removing the Ultra-Drain Guard They keep the unit in place while lifting or placing the grate. Without the bars, the Ultra-Drain Guard will fall to the bottom of the basin if the grate is lifted. To prevent this, use the retainer bars by placing them through the handling straps. 

What size drains is the Ultra-Drain Guard designed to be used with?

The Ultra-Drain Guard High Capacity Model can be used for drains up to 1,371mm x 1,371mm (Keep in mind that the standard Drain Guard works with drains up 762mm x 1,016mm) Excess skirt material can be left in place and will actually act as a “pre-filter”.   

If a neater appearance is desired, excess material can be removed by cutting it with a heavy-duty pair of scissors or a utility knife.

What are the two long straps on either side of the Ultra-Drain Guard used for?

Those are lifting straps and help in removing a full Ultra-Drain Guard from the catch basin.  Note:  The Ultra-Drain Guard, High Capacity Model can hold up to 136kg. Caution should be taken when removing it. Larger/heavier loads may require backhoes, forklifts or other equipment for removal. 

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