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Ultra-spill diaper

Prevents fluid leaks from vehicles and equipment, avoiding environmental harm and fines.

An essential tool for towing, construction, and mining companies, the Ultra-Spill Diaper is crucial in preventing environmental damage and fines from leaks and spills. Designed to contain oils, fuels, and anti-freeze, it safeguards both the environment and your business. Add the Ultra-Spill Diaper to your on-site spill kit or keep it readily available in your vehicle’s cab for immediate use.


  • Flexible and adjustable bungee cord/hook attachment system suitable for nearly all vehicles.
  • Utilises a three-layer absorbent material:

Top layer for general absorption, allowing for the absorption of anti-freeze and acids.
Middle layer comprises a thick oil-only material to absorb oil, gas, diesel, and all hydrocarbons.
Bottom layer consists of a 4 Mil plastic barrier to prevent fluids from leaching through.

  • Installation is quick and easy; simply attach hooks to secure points on the vehicle/equipment for proper placement under leaks or drips.
  • Folded, compact design facilitates easy storage in truck cabs, spill kits, or other areas for rapid deployment when needed.
Product CodeDescriptionLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Absorption Capacity (L)Weight (kg)
CHU0275Spill Diaper22001400N/A302


1. Are the bungee cords and hooks included or are they a separate purchase?

The bungee cords and hooks are included and pre-installed in the Spill Diaper. In other words, the diaper is ready to attach as soon as you pull it out of the bag. No set-up or assembly is required.

2. Will captured oil, fuel or other liquids pass through the Spill Diaper after an extended amount of time?

No, the Spill Diaper is specifically designed with a 4-mil plastic layer as the “last line of defense” to prevent liquids from leaching through and contaminating the environment.

3. Is the Spill Diaper difficult to install?

Not at all! Even a first-time installer can have the Spill Diaper hooked up and containing leaks, drips and spills in a matter of minutes.

4. Does the blue side of the Spill Diaper face up or down?

The blue side of the Spill Diaper must face DOWN, as the black/gray side is the absorbent material used to capture any spills.

5. What do I do with the Spill Diaper after it has absorbed gas, oil, hydraulic fluid and other hydrocarbons?

The Spill Diaper will need to be disposed of in accordance with your local environmental rules and regulations. Please check with your city, county or state authorities for specific requirements.

6. How do I dispose of the Spill Diaper?

Each State and City have its own regulations. A Spill Diaper falls under the same category as a loose absorbent, or pads. Whatever is required for the disposal of absorbents, would also be required for the disposal of a used Spill Diaper. Please check with the local regulatory agencies for your area’s disposal.


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